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Friends of Friends


What does your home say about you?
Aren’t you always excited when someone is visiting you at your apartment for the first time? I am. It bothers me if I haven’t had the time to clean up or place my decor where it belongs. My apartment is my business card, the expression of myself – what I am and what I cherish. I want it to reflect my personality and my style.
But does that make me more likable?


The book “friends of friends” taught me to relax. It is a great book about people and where they live. And for once the apartments are not perfectly tidy, colour harmonized and look like the owner has spent a fortune on an interior designer.
Creatives from all over the world – Amsterdam, Antwerp, Auckland, Barcelona, Beirut, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, the Catskills, Frankfurt, Lima, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Mililani, New York, Paris, Portland, San Francisco, São Paulo, Stockholm, Tokyo, and Vienna – provide authentic insights. I highly recommend this interior design book, especially when you occasionally tend to take your style-ambitious a little to serious;).


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Worn Stories


I am so happy today to bring to you the story of the project and book “Worn Stories”. Emily Spivack, the founder, collects memories of unique clothing pieces from cultural figures and talented storytellers. Since 2010 she is on the run for such stories and her 2014 published book “Worn Stories” (by Princeton Architectural Press) contains a great selection of funny and sad and very personal pieces of history.


Emily Spivack well explained her reason behind the collection:

“The clothes that protect us, that makes us laugh, that serve as a uniform, that help us assert our identity or aspirations, that we wear to remember someone – in all of these are encoded the stories of our lives. We all have a memoir in miniature living in a garment we’ve worn.”


Reading each single statement let me think about my wardrobe. Which piece would tell a story to remember? Do I even have one? All the remarkable stories from artists, creative writers, fashion editors, designers seem to be truly honest and tell from a life lived very intense.

While reading the stories my wardrobe, which covers pieces I haven’t worn yet or even pieces I am not aware of its existence, seemed more and more ridiculous. [Excursion to my shopping habits from the past: In teenage years or even short after, sometimes a shopping trip ended in a complete race against time. It wasn’t anymore my clear conscious that decided to go for a piece of fashion instead a very overwhelming feeling of just getting it totally occupied my mind. Does that sound weird? Probably yes, but as far as I can tell getting older makes that one easier]. So in honor of “Worn Stories” I decided to clear out my closet and see if I am going to find my “worn story”.


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