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Friends of Friends


What does your home say about you?
Aren’t you always excited when someone is visiting you at your apartment for the first time? I am. It bothers me if I haven’t had the time to clean up or place my decor where it belongs. My apartment is my business card, the expression of myself – what I am and what I cherish. I want it to reflect my personality and my style.
But does that make me more likable?


The book “friends of friends” taught me to relax. It is a great book about people and where they live. And for once the apartments are not perfectly tidy, colour harmonized and look like the owner has spent a fortune on an interior designer.
Creatives from all over the world – Amsterdam, Antwerp, Auckland, Barcelona, Beirut, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, the Catskills, Frankfurt, Lima, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Mililani, New York, Paris, Portland, San Francisco, São Paulo, Stockholm, Tokyo, and Vienna – provide authentic insights. I highly recommend this interior design book, especially when you occasionally tend to take your style-ambitious a little to serious;).


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